Friday, October 20, 2017


Hearing that the David Byrne concert in February was cancelled made me go "GRRRR".

This made me think of The Old Girl. She says "GRRRR".
Grrrr is an onomatopoeic word. It's funny because you don't think of people actually using it as it's normally just written but she does.

When I hear her going "GRRRR" it's best that I disappear. I was in the hallway the other day when I heard the "GRRRR" from the bathroom. When I poked my head around the door I got the full blast of "Why can't you put the top back on the toothpaste properly".

Other triggers for the "GRRRR"are: me not stacking the dishwasher properly; me not emptying the dishwasher; me not hanging out the washing properly; me not folding the washing properly; me not tucking in the sheets properly .................. etc.

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