Saturday, October 6, 2012


I don't mind U-turns in government when the result is good.
Very little with our current government impresses me. The PM is a joke. His deputy is a feeble prat and his ministers have almost all disgraced themselves over the last couple of years with arrogance, stupidity, lying, incompetence,  etc. Yes, I know, I could be talking about a Labour Government of a couple of years ago or indeed any government around the world but.....

The U-turn of Associate Immigration Minister Kate Wilkinson over the rapist Mike Tyson's visit is encouraging. Of course I could say " what the hell was the silly woman thinking" in granting a visa in the first place but that's water under the bridge. Let's be consistent and if the law says that convicted felons of major crimes (and rape is a major crime) are not allowed into the country then apply it.

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