Saturday, September 29, 2012


A work colleague's 22 y.o. son (yes he still lives at home) wants to get a tatoo and said colleague asked my opinion on it.
I said that the old arguments of how having a tatoo will be regretted later and that tatoos on old saggy skin look repulsive will have no impact on a young person.

I said to ask him whether he was trying to make a statement or just having a uniform that everyone else has.

Tatoos are so de-rigeur nowadays that they are not having any effect (except raising the ire of grumpy old men and women).
It seems that every young girl has one, especially those repulsive ones at the small of the back (do they know that this originated as a prostitutes ID mark?).

I further said to my colleague that if her son wants to make a statement then tell him to get it on his forehead.

 She looked at me aghast so I softened it and said to tell him that to really make a statement and buck the trend DON'T GET A BLOODY TATOO!

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