Thursday, December 7, 2017


I've been a bit more active today now that my knee is improving.
I played tennis first thing this morning and managed to last the whole session (on Tuesday I only managed an hour and a bit and was in pain afterwards).

After lunch I played lawn bowls for a couple of hours and then went for a swim.

I'm missing my walks but will give it a try this weekend when The Old Girl comes up. We have a great choice of walks around here, from the easy-on the-flat type through to the bush walks and the mountain walks. I'll start with the easy-on the-flat ones.

Getting better and back into it is a bit of a challenge and also a bit of a balancing act. The Old Girl forbade me playing tennis and golf after my accident a few weeks ago and I've generally followed her prohibition, only lying to her about my tennis today. The big problem is, as she's coming up tomorrow and staying until Tuesday, is in convincing her that I'm still too infirm to vacuum floors, clean windows, surfaces and bathrooms and generally need assistance in these areas.

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  1. You will pay for this laziness in the next life. Your job will be to clean Robert's toilet in Heaven.