Wednesday, November 1, 2017


My mate Rod, the one I called the Old English Geezer in an old post came round on Sunday for us to go down the road to play snooker with the old guys.
I laughed and gave him a hard time as he was wearing these brand new white sneakers that he'd just bought from The Warehouse. There were so shiny white that they were blinding. They looked like there was something wrong with him.... there was.

Rod has small feet and takes a size 8 shoe. He said that these shoes were size 11.
He bought them because they were on special at about $50 down from $200. He claimed they were Nikes. I saiid " Yeah Right" and didn't believe him. They were like boats and in fact I said to him that if his motorboat crapped out he could row home in these. He wasn't happy at that and The Old Girl said I was being mean.

I emailed him a link to  that video clip of the boring guy. See here:


Yesterday I didn't go to tennis but Rod did. The people at tennis gave him a real hard time. The mean bastards like me made fun of the shoes and all took turns feeling the space where his toes should have been and the caring ones (the women) expressed concern that he might trip over in them an injure himself. He went home and changed them. When he did this he discovered that one was a size 11 and one was a size 12. They weren't even a matching pair! Silly old bugger.

Oh well, he now has a reason to take them back to The Warehouse and get his money back.

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  1. Normally Warehouse shoes cost between $7 and $30. They don't sound like a bargain, which everybody is supposed to get at The Warehouse.