Sunday, December 30, 2012


Which is  WEBLOGGING without the 'we'.

The internet told me that:

A weblog, sometimes written as web log or Weblog, is a Web site that consists of a series of entries arranged in reverse chronological order, often updated on frequently with new information about particular topics. The information can be written by the site owner, gleaned from other Web sites or other sources, or contributed by users.
A weblog often has the quality of being a kind of "log of our times" from a particular point-of-view. Generally, weblogs are devoted to one or several subjects or themes, usually of topical interest, and, in general, can be thought of as developing commentaries, individual or collective on their particular themes. A weblog may consist of the recorded ideas of an individual (a sort of diary) or be a complex collaboration open to anyone."

Which kind of explains why the 'we' has been dropped given that blogs are basically self-centred exercises by people who want to bang on about things in diary form.

Blogging is a much better diary tool than Facebook. A good and interesting blog requires effort, humour, intelligence and dedication in order for it to work. It is not about pathetic add-on ‘likes’ to generate frequency and volume although of course some blogs can be a bit pathetic.

There are good and serious blogs in which the creators write well-thought out and constructed essays. 

These can be a pleasure to read, are informative and, depending on the skill of the writer can be lightened with gentle humour. Not all 'good' blogs are interesting though, some being ponderous and self-righteous to the point of being priggish.

Bad blogs come in two basic types.

There are the poorly written types that have bad spelling:

There are those that are as boring as Facebook and Twitter entries.

And there are those that don't seem to have any purpose.

I prefer the other type of 'bad' blog. The one's where the writer has deliberately set out to annoy, shock or tittilate.

Like the one's that misinform.

Or the one's that berate, bludgeon or rant.

And the titillating ones.

Some people think that anything to do with the Internet, social media and modern technology is a young person's game.

Well that old guy Richard of RBB can put the lie to that as he normally lives on the 'net'.

He in fact, by the creation of lots of blogging alter-egos has managed to cover all types of blogs from the mundane to the fantastical and manages at times to shock, bore, distress and misinform. Everything but educate in fact unless you count the frequent and wearisome treatises on double basses although I guess that is covered by the 'boring' type of blog.

Richard hasn't quite exhausted his subjects topics (he has exhausted those he subjects his blogs to).

Even though there is a fair amount of crap in what he says it is always worth looking out for the next installments.

How dare he go away on holiday.


  1. Wow. That was a long blog for the express. Some good pics I may steal some time :)

  2. Yes, I intended it for The Curmudgeon but posted it to the wrong blog link.